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Bethany Baptist Church

Woodford, Virginia

Physical Address:

Bethany Baptist Church

5001 Arcadia Rd. 

Woodford, Virginia  22580

Phone:  (804) 448-3508


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Mailing Address:

Bethany Baptist Church

P.O. Box 408

Thornburg, VA  22565

Phone Number

Phone:  (804) 448-3508  (will reach voice mail, please leave a message).

​​Guidelines for Bethany Messages 

Bethany Messages are sent to currently active Bethany members and worship participants.  Messages include announcements about church activities, reminders of important church events, postponement and cancellation of church services, and prayer concerns for currently active Bethany members and worship participants and their immediate family (i.e.: spouse, parent, children).  Bethany Messages for prayer concerns are sent only upon request of a currently active Bethany member or worship participant, or upon request of an immediate family member who has permission to share the prayer concern. 


Types of messages:

1.       Serious illness or passing of life of a currently active member/participant

2.       Request for prayer for a currently active member/participant

3.       Church closings, cancellations or postponements as requested by the pastor/chairman/planner of said meeting/activity/service

4.       Reminders of church meetings or activities as requested by the pastor/chairman/planner of said meeting/activity/service


Persons desiring a Bethany Message requesting prayer should contact Rev. Dr. Susan McBride, 804-921-3472.


Currently active Bethany members or worship participants who wish to receive Bethany Messages and who have not yet enrolled should contact Lora Faulconer.  Lora can be reached at 540-582-6820.


Other community prayer concerns and announcements outside the guidelines for Bethany Messages can be announced during worship on Sunday mornings and/or printed in the bulletin as they are made known.

Church Offerings,

Missions, Other Offerings

Please remember to support Bethany.  Your donations are needed now more than ever.


Your donation, as well as your regular church tithes and offerings, can be mailed to:

Bethany Baptist Church

P.O. Box 408 

Thornburg, VA  22565

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